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Solar Heating

Solar Water Heating

Beat the 25% Eskom Electricity Price Increase by Installing a Solar Geyser. A Solar Geyser will reduce your monthly electricity bill by 30%, What’s More, If you Finance your Solar Geyser with us, you can get up to R 9473 Cash Back.

You can Help the Environment and Save Money in the process!



Why should you install Solar Water Heating?

Following is a list of benefits that you will harness from a Solar Heating System:

  • Cost Saving - from the savings on electricity you will be able to pay for the Solar heating system in a few years. After this your hot water is free!
  • An Investment - Installing a solar heating system adds to the value of your property and constantly saves you on running costs.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Solar energy is clean energy - no pollution and no exploitation of limited natural resources.
  • Consistency of Supply - With a solar water heating system you will have hot water even during blackouts and erratic power supply.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing - The split system allows for a discreet installation.
  • Reduce your demand for electricity - Reducing your demand for electricity by almost half can eliminate expensive upgrade of your supply infrastructure.
  • Free hot water - An average winter's day in Africa generates sufficient solar energy to provide all your hot water without using electricity.

Home Comfort Solar water heating has the following Features:

  • Vacuum Tube – Vacuum tubes are the most effective method of converting solar radiation to hot water
  • Hybrid System – a Hybrid Solar and Electrical Back-Up system for consistent supply of hot water even on the odd winters day when you need additional hot water
  • Split System – The storage tank and collectors may be split to allow for a discreet installation
  • 3 Year Payback – Payback period of 3 years for new buildings and 4 years to replace an electrical system
  • 5 Year Warranty – 5 Year warranty on the collectors and storage tank!
  • 20 Year Life Time – Expected Life of more than 20 Years!
  • Easy & Hassle Free installation – New or existing installations with minimal disruption
  • ISO – ISO 9001 Approved manufacturing Facility
  • SABS –SABS mark of Approval on our Storage tanks

   Solar Heating
Economic Benefits of Solar Heating

In the average home almost half of the electricity consumption is attributed to heating water. Solar Heating system is capable of saving you more than 80% of the water heating costs, reducing your electricity bill by nearly half.

You Will Recoup Your Investment!

The savings you will achieve on your electricity bills by harnessing free solar energy from the sun means that you will recover the cost of your initial investment in a few short years. It is possible to do simple calculations that will compare energy savings with the capital cost and arrive at what is known as a "payback period".

You will be able to pay for the solar geyser from your savings on electricity in less than 4 years for a new building. After this you save the electricity every month!