Save energy in your home! By installing a Heat Pump it is possible to reduce the electricity consumption in your geyser by 70%.

Key Benefits

* Uses up to 70% less household energy in heating your water –┬ácosting you less

* Quiet operation, with no unsightly solar collectors on the roof

* Compact and easy to install plug in system

* Can be retro-fitted to existing geysers

* Can be used in conjunction with solar heaters

* Fully automatic control with adjustable water temperature setting

* Cool air created as a by-product can be used to ventilate your home

Simplicity – “savings with out complications”
One of our heat pumps greatest attributes is its ease of installation. The product has been specifically designed for South African conditions. The installation is neat and compact. It does not rely on direct sunlight to offer great performance so there is no need to clutter up your roof lines or irritate your neighbours with unsightly panels. The heat pump may be mounted low to the ground towards the rear of your home. Each installation can be tailored to your personal requirements. Heat Pumps are supplied with user friendly wired remote controllers that allow quick and easy access to water temperature, running times and system diagnostics

How Geyser Heat Pumps Work
“the simple science behind heat pumps”

A heat pump is a highly efficient, cost effective method of heating water. It utilizes the sun’s free energy by extracting heat from the sun-warmed air. The heat intensity is then upgraded through a compression cycle, before being efficiently transferred to the water.

Because the heat pump moves the free heat from the outside air to the water, rather than create heat, as a fossil fuel or electric resistance heater does, it can heat your geyser water for up to 70% less cost than these other less efficient methods.

As the ambient temperatures change, the heating output of a heat pump will vary. However, even when temperatures are cooler the heat pump continues to transfer heat between air and water.

Affordable Efficiency – “heat pumps pay off”
With a highly efficient Heat Pump you can enjoy plentiful hot water throughout the year at a much reduced cost. They are affordable, reliable and their high efficiency keeps your electricity bill to a minimum. By installing a Heat Pump you can reap a return on your investment with a payback through energy savings in record time.